Live-in Home Carer job in the UK. High salary. No qualification required. Free training and accommodation. No agency fee. (Ref. No.: 126)

  • Prácu ponúka (potencionálny zamestnávateľ):
    Technoterv Bt. - IČO: 05-06-00
  • Pracovná pozícia:
    Au-pair, Carer, Personal Assistant, Health Care Assistant, Nurse, Teacher
  • Miesto výkonu práce:
    United Kingdom, Veľká Británia
  • Región, v ktorom je pracovná ponuka platná:
    Great Britain
  • Kategórie, do ktorých pracovná ponuka patrí:
    General labour, Education, Science & Research, Medicine & Social Care
  • Ponuka zadaná dňa:
    16. júla 2017

Informácie o pracovnom mieste

Miesto práce
United Kingdom
Great Britain

Ponúkaný plat (brutto)
2035 - 2485 GBP/month (taking a 30 day month as example), 475-580GBP/week gr.

Termín nástupu
by agreement

Náplň práce, informácie o pracovnom mieste
We are continuously looking for live-in carers in the UK (England and Wales).

We have several oppotunities according to your experience, English knowledge and other requirements. Please contact us for more info. There is no previous care work experience required from female applicants.

Generally the job is to look after elderly or vulnerable people living with them and helping them in their everyday life in their home.
The position can include cooking, personal care, cleaning and usual housework duties too. Driving licence isn't essential.
There is no age limit, anybody over 18 can do the job if fits the requirements.
Ladies can apply without experience or driving licence but reasonable English knowledge is required.
Male applicants must have
1- relevant carer or social worker experience,
2- good English
3- driving licence and ability to drive confidently in the UK.
We cannot help any gentleman unless fulfilling these requiements.
This position can be suitable for anyone who likes helping others and enjoy working with people. No qualification needed.
To start you have to do a 5 day (Monday to Friday) free training.
After the completed training you'll be offered a live-in carer job in the UK.
The salary is 475-580 GBP/week gross depending the position. (Until you earn 11000GBP in the actual tax year there is no tax deducted. Than it is 20-25%.)
There is no need to become self-employed in the UK. You would be employed by a UK company, which organizes all the documents and taxation. It is a fully legal job opportunity.
Live-in Carer accommodated in the client's house in a separate room.
This is an excellent way to save money as there is free accommodation and food provided at work.

Continuous work or regular holiday times are also solvable. The whole service is free. No agency fee or any other hidden extra fee to be payed.
If interested, for further information please contact us.
We have several different positions depending on your English knowledge level.

If you know anyone with good English whom this opportunity could be helpful please give our details.

Our web site:
To apply please email us giving your details or send us a
your CV to

When applying please send us your Skype or Viber
contact details.

Please call us free on Skype or Viber.
Skype: liveincarerjobs
Viber: 0036205208000

tel: 0036 20 520 8000 (HU mobile)

We are ready to answer your questions and concerns if you call Skype Viber or e-mail us.

Iné výhody
Other benefits:
- Free accommodation and food. Excellent way to save money
- Continuous free trainings
- Opportunity to practice and improve your English
- Double and sometimes triple salary on official bank holidays
- Paid holidays (2.33 days paid holidays/every worked 30 days) and benefits - being the employee of a firm (you don't need to become self employed in the UK)
- Flexible working periods (you can work continuously long time periods or you can even work occasionally few weeks on few weeks or months off for example)
- Unlike some other agency, our service is free for you, there is no fee deducted for our services as it is against EU law. (!)

Spoločnosť, pre ktorú je pozícia obsadzovaná
We are recruiting candidates for hospitality and carer positions mainly in the UK since 2005.

Požiadavky na zamestnanca

Požadované vzdelanie
- Primary education
- Secondary without school-leaving examination
- Secondary with school-leaving examination
- Follow-up/Higher Professional Education
- University education (Master's degree)
- University student
- University education (Bachelor's degree)
- Postgraduate (Doctorate)

Pozícia je vhodná pre absolventa

Osobnostné predpoklady, ďalšie požiadavky
The successful candidates have to be patient, caring, flexible, hard working and knowledgeable personality.

Requirements from ladies:
- Good level of spoken English
- Experience in general basic housework and food preparation.
- Positive attitude, flexibility, enthusiasm, passion for care and helping others
- No qualification required as training provided

The successful candidate has to speak good English and has to have passion and commitment towards the position.
Driving licence for ladies is an advantage but nor essential.

Requirements from gentlemen:
- Good level of spoken English
- Ability to drive confidently in the UK road system
- Experience in general basic housework and food preparation.
- Positive attitude, flexibility, enthusiasm, passion for care and helping others
- At least one year of relevant experience in carework, social work or similar, related position.

There is no age limit. Anybody can apply over 18 up to 65.

Inzerujúca spoločnosť

Stručná charakteristika spoločnosti
We are recruiting candidates for hospitality and carer positions mainly in the UK since 2005.

Hlavná oblasť pôsobenia spoločnosti
Employment placement and personal consultancy

Informácie o výberovom konaní
Our web site:
We are happy to answer any question.
Please contact us on Viber (0036205208000) or on Skype (liveincarerjobs) for free.
All our details are on our web site.

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